The Alpha Gamma Delta FHC ensures your daughter is welcomed into a loving environment that serves as a safe and inviting space during her collegiate years. Each FHC home is designed to facilitate learning, personal development and sisterhood. Not only will she be supported by her chapter sisters, but also by local, regional and national volunteers and staff who are ready to ease their transition to independence.

The FHC manages a network of safe, competitive and attractive facilities across the country, currently comprised of nearly 100 houses, residence halls, suites, meeting spaces and storage facilities. We provide property support through planning renovations, managing all chapter facility staff and ensuring daily repairs and maintenance needs are met. From the meals served and the Wi-Fi provided and to the pictures lining the walls, the FHC works to create a customized experience through intentional design and quality amenities.

Understanding the housing component of your daughter’s experience

Depending on where your daughter attends school, a range of sorority housing options are provided within Alpha Gamma Delta. The FHC not only works with local Alpha Gam chapters with traditional sorority homes, but also those who lease, live in a university space or simply meet regularly in a designated room on campus.

We encourage all members and parents to make sure they understand housing necessities such as live-in requirements, cost of room and board, the terms of member agreements and the chapter house rules.

If you have any questions regarding the components listed above, contact us here or call 317.663.4200.