The Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Housing Corporation began in fall 2010 with one property and two staff members. For years, Alpha Gam volunteers and staff dreamed of providing spaces for members to forge their own paths and create lasting memories.

The first chapter renovated and managed by the FHC, the Alpha Chapter House at Syracuse University, reopened its doors at 709 Comstock Avenue when the chapter returned to campus in 2011.

Today, the FHC has more than 150 staff members and provides property management services to nearly 100 Alpha Gam chapters. We create and maintain safe, competitive and attractive facilities with intentional spaces that foster love, leadership and lasting memories

A Peak Inside the Butterfield House


The Alpha Gamma Delta house at Syracuse is known to many as the ‘Butterfield House,’ named after its architect and Alpha Gamma Delta founder, Emily Helen Butterfield.  To take a virtual tour of the Butterfield House, click here.